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Small act brings impact ,
Tuesday, July 28, 2009 1:29 AM

You may be wondering why am I using this as my blogging topic today. Well, I was once impacted by a small act in my life.

Many of you guys may see the new project launched by SMRT regarding the Priority Seats in MRT. That was the way to make people realized there are people who needed the seat more than we do. I wonder if they will ever implement this in the Buses as well. It's a way to 'prompt' self-centered people to give up the seats when necessary. For me, I will try to imagine those seats were invisible. I will try my best to give up my seats to someone who needed it more than I do even if I wasn't sitting on the Priority seats. I am not perfect, so sometimes I failed too :D

This begun more gossips in the STOMP forum. Many more photographs were taken regarding ungracious Singaporeans not giving up their seats to elderly or pregnant women even if they are sitting on the Priority seats. Therefore, many Singaporeans gave up their seats 'consciously' because they are afraid their photos may appear out of nowhere in the STOMP forum.

What I want to encourage Singaporeans is that, don't give up seats by obligations! But give up seats out of love :D Because people do appreciate it!

Well, way before the project was launched, someone impacted my life :D

I sprained my ankle. I remembered it clearly that one of my secondary teacher gave me free tickets to watch Happy Feet in The Cathay. So despite the pain, I went there with my friends (I only remember Jermaine? ._.). I was wearing jeans and my Cross Trainer New Balance sport shoe. On the way home, I limped to the bus stop which was far away. My ankle hurts every step I walked. I boarded the bus 190 and it was packed with people. I was disappointed because I really needed a seat. I can feel that the condition of my leg was deteriorating already. It hurts even more each time I added a little more pressure onto my leg while standing because the bus was jerking. Jermaine tried to get a seat for me. I think because of that, there's this lady, young & pretty, saw it. I think she saw everything. So she told Jermaine I think and Jermaine asked me to go over and sit.

I may be young, not a kid but at least so much younger than the lady who gave her seat up for me. I am not handicap, neither am I an old lady or pregnant. Nobody noticed I injured my leg because it is not obvious with my jeans covering my legs. But! She gave up her seat for me.

I've given up more seats before someone given up her seat for me. That feeling was.. Loved. That lady didn't smile at me, but I can tell she really is kind hearted :D She stood still amongst the other passenger without grabbing any hand grips because it was really very packed. She can balance herself very well. By her posture, I can tell she's someone who dance :D She impacted & inspired me.

I didn't thank her continuously, I merely gave her my surprised look or managed to stammer a 'thanks'. I think that's the normal reaction you will get from people you offered your seats to.

But remember! I was impacted although I didn't say it. Therefore, you cannot judge if someone took your seats/action for granted or not. Don't give up your seats with obligations, give it up with love. Notice people around you, small act really impacts life.

I like this sentence still:
Carve your name on hears, not on marble.

Be blessed people! (:

Lord, thank You.

Busy Busy! ,
Saturday, July 25, 2009 1:51 AM

Finally Blogger has recovered from its stupidity! I can upload pictures and blog as per normal :D

I am super busy! I thank God for the quarantine up til Monday! Because I can 'skip' lessons today without being mark down for attendance! I've taken 'leave' from my tuition kid so that I can concentrate on my work! Work Work Work!

Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to serve tomorrow! :D

I've finished studying & revising for my FMA exam this coming Tuesday. I started this early because I know I don't have the weekend to do so. I will be attending church and cellgroup as per normal :D

UCCD project is FINALLY done. Seriously hard work from Jerry & Jess, because they edited and did the compilation! :D thanks guys! & not forgetting our group members, for submitting their work on time for Jerry & Jess to edit and compile! :D

I am gonna start working on my UCCD PowerPoint slides for my part soon after I blogged! :D

I feel so 'whole' now you know. Because I've gotten myself a new black pen and a black refill for my exam on Tuesday :D I am like, less burdened! How can all these small details take away such a big burden, you will ask? You should approach a perfectionist and ask them too. I don't know myself either! I like things in place. Things out of place can mess my whole brain up X_X

I need to start on my RWPS report soon!


Lord, take me thru! Let me shine in those impossible time :D